1) Minimum investment: $1000

2) Payment is made using USDT TRC 20 

3) Minimum withdrawal $100

4) Minimum account balance $100

5) Withdrawals are paid to users through their USDT address TRC 20 

6) You will need send your usdt address  to receive your profits. you will email info@spdxtrade.com

Always check your email spam and inbox as we always send messages 2-3times weekly to members emails.

7) Take note that you will need to go to your email inbox or spam to click on the verification link sent to you after registration inorder to verify your account

8) We have trending market and ranging market, in the event of ranging market, withdrawals may take 48-72hours to settle in your account.

9) Referral commission 10%. Note, referral not compulsory.

10) Spread good news about us. Don't spread FUD. We are fully into crypto trading. Always email info@spdxtrade.com for any information.

11) Your profit ranges between 1.7% of your capital to 3%. That's between low market time and high market time.

12) Every investments with us runs for a period of 5months. Which is subject to change.

Every terms here are subject to amendment. We therefore encourage every investors to always check out on our terms inorder to get informed of our updated mode of operation.

In all, the goal is to serve you better and also keep the business running.